Jayse Hansen has gained international attention for designing some of the most iconic fictional user interfaces in film history.

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In The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Katniss Everdeen leads an invasion with a handheld hologram device, and Beetee sits before a multi-panel computer display in order to hack into the evil Capitol. Tony Stark puts his Iron Man helmet on and hundreds of relevant graphics animate to life: maps locating nearby enemies, flight controls, suit diagnostics, and holographs that all help to tell the stories in Iron Man and The Avengers. Floor-to-ceiling holographic displays enable James Franco to explain how a new drug will make apes smarter in Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Jayse Hansen has gained international attention for designing some of the most iconic fictional user interfaces in film history. His work specializes in “revealing the details beneath the surface” of machines, computers and robots using devices such as holographic tablets in Ender’s Game, or the creation of new superhero gear with holographic tables in Disney’s Big Hero 6. In the film Pixels, look closely for many of his ’80s video game easter-eggs hidden in the advanced military UIs.

In addition to designing for the fictional film world, Hansen has also consulted and designed for various real-world software companies in VR and AR. The US Department of Defense employs his “outside-the-limits” design thinking to dramatically increase efficiency in dealing with immense amounts of time-sensitive, mission-critical information. Hansen’s work is featured in the April/May 2016 issue of Computer Graphics World, while more of his designs can be found on his website at www.jayse.io

_In depth interviews

Jayse Hansen speaks to us about working on Top Gun: Maverick, including collaborating with Lockheed Martin

Popular Mechanics
Jayse Hansen on designing future tech for film and next-generation real-world

Jayse Hansen on the Oscar Nominated Top Gun: Maverick graphics for Darkstar

No Film School
Jayse Hansen on designing the fighter jet cockpit displays in Top Gun: Maverick with Skunk Works.

UI design futurist Jayse Hansen on his career designing holograms and advanced future tech for Iron Man, Robocop, Katniss, Spiderman and many other superheroes and characters.

Maxon: Behind the Screens of Feature Films
The world's most well known FUI designer, Jayse Hansen has effectively become the go-to designer for numerous beloved fictional characters, from Tony Stark and Nick Fury to Star-Lord and Spiderman.

VICE: The Creators Project
Meet The Man Behind The Fantastical Technology In The Avengers, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, 2012 And More

Pushing Pixels
The craft of screen graphics and movie user interfaces – conversation with Jayse Hansen

Inventing Interactive
Jayse Hansen: The designer behind the futuristic gadgets and holograms in movies

ProVideo Coalition
With a string of blockbusters under his belt, including XMen Origins: Wolverine, Iron Man, Ender’s Game, and Robocop, Jayse Hansen helps movie audiences suspend reality

Greyscale Gorilla
A look inside the Iron Man holograms and HUD designs by Spatial User Interface Futurist Jayse Hansen

The Next Web
Jayse Hansen on creating UI for The Avengers, Iron Man, touch control, holograms, Galaga and Project Glass

VFX roll call for The Avengers

Jayse Hansen on User Interface Design for Hollywood Motion Pictures like Iron Man, Avengers, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and X-Men Origins.

Jayse Hansen on designing for Tony Stark, Nick Fury and Deadpool.


Podcast: Superstar Podcaster Micheal O’Neal visits Jayse's studio to chat business and UI design in Film.

Digital Production Buzz 2

Podcast: Jayse Hansen returns to discuss screen design in films

Podcast: discussion about what FUI designers do in the film industry on set and in post production.

Digital Production Buzz  

YouTube Podcast Interview: Make the Dream Real. User Interfaces for Film (Jayse Hansen)

Collective Podcast

Podcast: Ash and Jayse chat about everything except work! Ender's Game and Robocop UI and Hologram designs.

Podcast: Talking Hollywood Movie Screen Design with Jayse Hansen

Working in Hollywood
Video: Jayse Hansen on how hard work leads you to the greatest growth

Video: EJ interviews one of the nicest, most talented and humble artists in motion design, Jayse Hansen

Designing Robot Language & HUDs for Netflix Mitchell's Vs The Machines
Join Designer Jayse Hansen at NAB 2022 as he teaches about creating futuristic UIs, HUDs, and languages for Netflix’s “The Mitchells vs. The Machines” with Adobe Creative Cloud!

After Effects World
Video Review

Andrew Kramer, Jayse Hansen and Mary Poplin
Video Panel: The world of visual effects from an artist’s perspective.

Andrew Kramer, Jayse Hansen and Robyn Haddow
Video Panel: Take your After Effects Motion Design to the NEXT LEVEL with these tips from the pros!


Behind the Title
Production and Post Production artist Jayse Hansen on designing the iconic opening title sequence for Star Wars VII, UIs for The Hunger Games and holograms for Iron Man.

The amazing screen graphics & Iron Man HUD designs of Jayse Hansen.

Info We Trust
Tony Stark’s mechanical and biological Iron Man HUD dataViz designed by Jayse Hansen

How film design may or may not shape future UI’s

Ergonomics in VR Design
Lessons from The Avengers and Ender's Game UI and hologram designs by Jayse Hansen for Ergonomics in VR Design

Explore Future UI from futurists like Jayse Hansen and Neil Huxley. Design Process is a Myth.

Startup Playbook Podcast

Meta Co-Founder Ben Sand on empathy and Storytelling in UI Design for Meta

Notodo Animation

Iron Man Motion Graphics, HUDs, and Animation by Jayse Hansen


The Ender’s Game motion graphics reel is every bit as epic as you’d expect from Lead Designers Ash Thorp and Jayse Hansen.

Huds and Gui’s

Ender’s Game UI Breakdown from the super-talented Jayse Hansen

Amazing work from Jayse Hansen on Ender's Game using tons of aescripts + aeplugins tools.

Inspirations: Jayse Hansen's fantastic Ender’s Game GUI & Holograph Reel

Ender’s Game Nodes

Big Hero 6 – the perfect Superhero Movie with an "Avengers"-like team of Tony Starks with design influences from Guardians of the Galaxy, The Incredibles, Avengers and more.

Jayse Hansen's design work was the backdrop for the Big Hero 6 Premiere

More Jayse Hansen designs for the Big Hero 6 Premiere

Jayse Hansen's designs for Big Hero 6 used in Disney’s official “Baymax Blast” game.

Jayse Hansen's UI and Hologram designs for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Official Production Notes

Jayse Hansen's Hologram and End Title designs for Need For Speed with Cantina Creative & Bandito Brothers


Robert Downey Jr. Talks Iron Man HUD designs and filming

Iron Man 3: More Suits to Play with - and new HUD designs

On set from Iron Man 3. Visual effects artist Jayse Hansen's work designing the virtual displays in Marvel’s The Avengers.


Hollywood Celebrities: Jayse Hansen

Comic Book Movie

A Look behind the Avengers User Interface Designs by Jayse Hansen. The Helicarrier Glass Screens and Iron Man HUDs

The Airspace  
Among the awe-inspiring moments of The Avengers, and the Marvel-universe films Iron Man are the heads up displays, user interfaces, and over-active and futuristic screens that the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents work on. Designed by Jayse Hansen, they are an astonishing work of special features, and in detail and complexity, they may be the most impressive piece...

I Am Dashet  
Jayse Hansen: The Lead Designer behind the Avengers Interfaces

Vector Vault  
The Avengers interface design by Jayse Hansen

Design Superstars  
Stunning UI Design Examples from The Avengers By FUI Designer Jayse Hansen

See the Avengers finale through Tony Stark's eyes! The work of designer Jayse Hansen, who also created the beautiful screens on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helicarrier.

Typ 3d
UI Design For Film with Gmunk and Jayse Hansen

Gizmodo's "Behind Jayse Hansen's designs for Tony Stark and Iron Man"

UI設計的頂點-UI and Hologram Designer Jayse Hansen's work in the Marvel Universe


純視覺也能打出一片天「Jayse Hansen復仇者聯盟UI - Jayse Hansen's Avengers Human-Machine Interface Designer

Nerd Approved

Up Close With The Iron Man HUD Designs by Jayse Hansen


Artist Jayse Hansen: computer interfaces that gave Avengers its high-tech


Getting inside Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D.’s user interfaces with futurist designer Jayse Hansen…


Futurist Spatial UI Designer Jayse Hansen


Jayse Hansen: Storytelling, fictional UI design for film in Hollywood


Jayse Hansen’s Amazing User Interface Designs


The Avengers HUD graphics by Jayse Hansen


Iron Man HUD – The detail is truly inspiring. The beautifully crafted, heavily detailed designs were created by the super talented Jayse Hansen.


The Amazing Film UI Design by Jayse Hansen

Comics Alliance

Jayse Hansen shares beefy images of Glass UI’s along with Iron Man's Mark VII Hud

Made by Loop

The iron man films give us a close up of Stark’s face, his thought processes, emotions, all coupled with a wonderfully visual interface created by Jayse Hansen


Jayse Hansen gives and inside look on his UI designs for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Might and Wonder

UI Designer Jayse Hansen's Fantastic Glass screen designs for Rise of the Apes

Reel Rundown

Fake Movie and TV GUIs: All About This Little Known Industry

CG Record

Art Director/Illustrator Jayse Hansen shares his Rise of the Planet of the Apes Screen Graphics Process


Let's take a look at some details from Jayse Hansen's UI design in Ender's Game.

Mundos Digitales

Join internationally known film designer Jayse Hansen as he takes you behind the scenes of his iconic computer UI designs for Hollywood blockbuster film franchises such as The Hunger Games, Big Hero 6, Ender's Game, Star Wars, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers and more.


Jayse Hansen rules. ~ Germain Lussier


Other futurist treatments of UI design — many times, intimately detailed, as in the work of Jayse Hansen — for the Avengers [as well as Tony Stark, the Ironman, himself.]

The Verge

Jayse Hansen takes us behind his work on Tony Stark's Iron Man HUD which also include the transparent touchscreen computers on board the Avengers' Helicarrier


Meta 3D Smart Glasses: Meta has hired Professor Steve Mann, the inventor of wearable computing and Jayse Hansen, the designer behind Tony Stark’s holographic interfaces...

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